DIY aerial photography

I had the honor to work in the past couple of weeks with Jeffrey Warren from Public Laboratory and Grassroots Mapping, and with Hagit Keysar from Mamuta’s EduLab on creating aerial photos of various places in Jerusalem. We used a method that is well described here.
One of the locations we were working on is the village of Ein-Karem where the residents are struggling against the excess development and especially against a public lavatory and a municipal warehouse for gardening tools that is being built on top of an ancient water system (more info can be read here).
Here is a low resolution photo we took using a kite and a simple camera:

We used a kite and a camera and created a sequence of images around the building (defined by the residents as “The Monster”) and the adjacent wadi. The residents of Ein-Karem plan to use those photos to help them in their struggle.

Jeffrey will give a talk in Mamuta about “DIY Photography and map making for small communities” in the coming Sunday at 20:00.