My first NDVI, NRG, NRB

Phew… it took me about a year to get to it, since i had a problem focusing my near-infrared camera. Thanks to Jeff Warren and Chris Fastie i solved it this morning and was ready to move on.
I really wanted to try and explore my neighborhood using the Public Laboratory tools. One of the tools is to use near-infrared images and a very simple algorithm, to learn about the health of the vegetation. It’s called NDVI, and you can read more about it here and here.
But now when it was fixed i played with some image processing and here are the results:

All the image processing was done using GIMP as explained in this video tutorial made by Jeff.

In a way, this post is another way to see how disastrous will be the end point of the previous post. The trees in the image (and more…) are all going to be uprooted soon. In fact, while i took this images this morning, the contractor was already fencing the whole area, preparing this area for the terrible buildings that will be built here instead of an ecological park.