Israel as a space for competitive narratives

I was asked to talk at a course/seminar given by the Hebrew university to graduate students from a variety of backgrounds – art, humanities, social sciences. The seminar was held in Ein Karem and was organized by Diego Rotman from Mamuta and was combined of three works:

  1. An audio tour of Ein Karem made by Noa Guez and Mamuta (
  2. Aerial photography, aerial imagery and maps as tools for discussing different narratives – the work that was presented by me. Two main parts of it were done by Hagit Keysar, Jeffery Warren, residents of Silwan, residents of Ein Karem and myself, and the third part was done by people of the Shapira neighborhood. This work is based on the work of
  3. You Are Not Here – a work by Laila El-Haddad and Mushon Zer-Aviv and was presented by Musho Zer-Aviv. (

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