Our scientific paper is open for public dicussion

The scientific paper concluding a research cruise from the end of August 2011 with the purpose of investigating an intrusive patch, stretching from the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean to the open sea.
It was published for open discussion at the Biogeosciences website. We decided to publish it in Biogeosciences, which is a journal of the EU with the policy of open discussions and open access. So now people can read it and the referees comments, and when it will be revised and published, it will be open for the public. I’m very happy that this was our decision. I believe that science should be accessible to everybody, and this is one step towards accomplish this vision.

Intrusion of coastal waters into the pelagic Eastern Mediterranean: in situ and satellite-based characterization
S. Efrati, Y. Lehahn, E. Rahav, N. Kress, B. Herut, I. Gertman, R. Goldman, T. Ozer, M. Lazar, and E. Heifetz

It can be found here.
I hope you’ll enjoy the reading. I’ll be happy to hear comments.