Final version of my thesis submitted!

Thesis cover

It took me some time, but i’m very happy with it and that’s what really matters.

It’s also a great opportunity to thank many people for the assistance and guidance:
First and formost I would like to thank Dr. Yoav Lehahn for taking me by hand through the wonders of operational oceanography, for having faith in my abilities and for the infinite number of hours of mutual work.
My dear supervisors:
Dr. Michael Lazar for openning a door to the world of academic research, for being supportive and for the trust. It meant a lot to me.
Prof. Eyal Heifetz for introducing me to the domain of geophysical fluid dynamics, for the interesting conversations and for adding positive energy into my work.
My colleagues at the Heifetz-Harnik scientific group in Tel-Aviv university – Yael Amitai, Ayah Lazar, Talia Tamarin, Noa Chazon, Orli Pasternak, Ron Yellin, Vered Silverman and Ori Adam for spending many hours and elaborating discussions on geophysical fluid dynamics and life in general.
The researchers at IOLR: Dr. Nurit Kress, Dr. Isaac Gertman, Dr. Barak Herut, Tal Ozer, Ron Goldman and Eyal Rahav for making this work come true, and for the online monitoring system that became reality.
The students at the University of Haifa: Orna Buch, Tomer Ketter, Tzofit Mor, Hadar Elyashiv, Reli Wald, Merav Bareket, Anat Ash, Isaak Elhanaty, Devrim Tezcan, Iris Zohar, Lisa Coianiz, Oded Ezra, Murad Safadi and Assaf Tsabar.
The administration team at the The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences: Sharon Liper, Merav Eilon, Hila Hanoon and Miri Goldberg for being welcoming, and for always finding the way to help.
To my family and friends. And to Shira for being with me along the way and for giving me the final push :).

For those of you who would like to read my thesis – you can find it here
The paper we published during this research is available here