Hackita is over – openAir is online

About three months ago i started studying at Hackita. I wrote something about it here. I studied web development using Python+Django. About three weeks later i announced here that my project at Hackita will be openAir.
Today it was over. This evening we presented our projects to the volunteers of the Public Knowledge Workshop.
Haze over Tel Aviv
At this opportunity i can also announce that openAir is online. It is still under heavy development, so i’m not promising to leave any brick at its original place. Right now you can already see real-time data from over 100 air quality monitoring stations. The data is collected for The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP). openAir is then scraping the data and visualize it in a way that will be more readable for the public.
Today was a special day for the announcement of openAir. Israel was influenced by a heavy haze, and all the parameters that are related to haze were extremely high. The map that was created by the MOEP was totally brown – meaning that the air is very polluted.
This was, of course, present in openAir graphs as well.
Haze as been seen in Tel Aviv's central bus station - openAir - תחנה מרכזית תל אביב 2014-03-03 13-55-19
On the technical side – openAir is hosted at DigitalOcean. I used dokku for the deployment (thanks to Yuval Adam for the idea and for walking with me hand by hand through the deployment procedure!).
It also a good opportunity to thank again to Udi Oron, for this wonderful experience. Studying from him is the best thing one can do if they would like to learn web development. I would also like to thank Tom Gurion for his help in setting the heart of the system right at the beginning. Oz Nahum for insisting on documentation (which i still need to write) and Yuval Adam for the patience and great ideas. Without all of them openAir was still on localhost on the best case scenario and as an idea on the worst case.