Carlebach st. as appears on google maps

Mistakes in google maps

This post is a result of a random Google Maps search.
I was looking for the offices of the Wikimedia foundation in south-center Tel-Aviv.
Apparently google maps describes this area pretty wrong. As you can see in the following screenshot, some of the restaurants on Carlebach st. (קרליבך) are located in Google Maps on the eastern (right hand side) of the street. The reality is quite different. On the eastern side of the Carlebach there is a huge construction site, but not any standing buildings. All the restaurants that appear on this map are actually on the western side of Carlebach st.

Carlebach st. as appears on Google Maps
Carlebach st. as appears on google maps

In OpenStreetMap on the other hand, you can see that the restaurants are located on the western side of the street, where they should be.

OpenStreetMap 2014-03-07 12-37-55
Carlebach st. as appears on openstreetmap

Other things that are present in OpenStreetMap and not on Google Maps: traffic lights, parks, buildings. I heard some people claim that the cartography work that was done on OpenStreetmap is pretty ugly, but i find this map much more useful. It gives you what you want – geographical data that is not based on commercial considerations. It’s important to note that the main OpenStreetMap website is intended to present the “clean” geographical data, and is not intended to be a beautiful map. For that purpose you can use OSM based tiles from Mapbox, Stamen.