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At the end of October a hackathon dealing with transportation issues took place. The declared challenge:

Develop the next promising urban transportation apps using Tel-Aviv Municipality database! It can be any app whether aimed at drivers, pedestrians, or public transportation users. You can also use any other database or information resources.

I didn’t participate in the hackathon. I looked at the databases that were offered to the participants and felt embarrassment. The municipality didn’t make any effort to prepare – they gave out old databases, some of them gave no additional information than OSM and google. The API for the municipal shared bike service – Tel-O-Fun is not very accessible.

About two weeks ago i was asked by Ido Ivri whom i know through The Public Knowledge Workshop and his partner Eyal Feder, to help develop an app they started work on in the hackathon. The main goal of the app is to help people make better decisions on their daily movements in the city. One can choose from one of four priorities: cause less damage to the environment, burn calories, save money or get at a minimal time while getting from A to B.

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I asked Yonatan Braude to join us. My main tool of choice was Django, but Yonatan suggested we should use Meteor.js for the mission. It was a great move 🙂

On the first day we had a good basis – we already had a view that received information through the google API, and we were very optimistic about the future. For the following ~two weeks we met for a few hours a day.

It was a great opportunity for me to work with JavaScript. Until now i only made some visualizations using D3.js, but that was more or less my experience with the language. When compared to Python, it has a pretty ugly syntax and it’s not very readable to me.

So i’m proud to present the first app i wrote in Meteor.js.

These are some views from the mostly ready app. It will be presented the exhibition during the 2014 Fuel Initiative summit and will compete in the final competition this Wednesday and Thursday.

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    I saw an old comment of yours How did you bind
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    (define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd “קע” ) ‘evil-escape)

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