AlterNative took the first place in the app2go competition!

AlterNative crew on stage of Fuel Initiative summit
AlterNative crew on stage of Fuel Initiative summit

We worked hard in the last two weeks to make AlterNative available to use before the exhibition and the competition. Our decision to use Meteor.js made it possible to deliver, in such a short time, a working web application and not a demo of what we can do. It showed the true strengths of this wonderful framework.

By the way – the project is open-source and is available in my GitHub page:

It wasn’t an easy competition. Our rivals (CarPal, Tel-Ofan Game, Rav-Kav+ and Hi-Park) did an excellent job and presented some interesting ideas dealing with different aspects of urban transportation. I’m interested to see what will happen with each group.

AlterNative logo

As for AlterNative? Ido and Eyal opened their company – ZenCity and this is its description in their own words:

ZenCity is targeted at helping cities making the transition into the age of information, to become more data-driven, more efficient and smarter.

I wish them all the best in their new way!

AlterNative will probably be one of their solutions for municipalities, to help bottom-up urban transportation planning. The anonymous data that will be collected will help municipalities learn day to day transportation patterns in the cities.

Here are some screenshots of the app as was presented in the exhibition: