Web applications:
openAir Making air quality monitoring accessible (source code)
A Django based project created in the framework of Hackita. This project aims to make air quality data more readable than the official website –
This project uses two main Javascript libraries: Leaflet.js and D3.js.

openFleet (source code)
A Django based project aims to control small scale car fleet. Visualizations in this project are done using D3.js.

AlterNative for ZenCity (source code)
An app for urban navigation, which helps users make conscious choices between transportation methods based on their current preference – protect the environment, burn calories, arrive quickly, or save money. The anonymized data collected can later be harvested by the city to provide insights for transportation planning.

Python projects:
Lichen-python: A small software to analyze percentage of lichen seen on a rock from an image or a sequence of images.
beaverAutoCAD: A software that aggregates data from AutoCAD and creates MS-Excel sheets based on the collected data. The software includes a graphic user inteface (GUI).
Libraries and tools used: Python (2.7), pyautocad (using xlrd, tablib and comtypes) and gtk.

I created the main map of the West-Bank (2011, 2013, 2014) and analyzed geographic data for reports, among them:
By Hook and by Crook: Israeli Settlement Policy in the West Bank (1 Jul 2010)
Dispossession and Exploitation : Israel’s Policy in the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea (12 May 2011)
Under the Guise of Legality: Declarations of state land in the West Bank (14 Mar 2012)
Arrested Development: The Long Term Impact of Israel’s Separation Barrier in the West Bank (29 Oct 2012)
Acting the Landlord: Israel’s Policy in Area C, the West Bank (4 Jun 2013)
The Invisible Walls of Occupation: Burqah, Ramallah District, A case study (26 Oct 2014)

I created a map for their tours.

I made maps for their website.

Who Profits?:
I made maps for reports published by this group.

Breaking The Silence:
I created maps for their book.